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Villas in Mykonos

No one will argue that a vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos in luxurious villas in the midst of the summer season is a real pleasure. In some way, such a vacation can be considered a ticket to paradise. Now you can find out more detailed information about this. 


Mykonos is a resort that has become a legend. It is the ideal place for everyone who wants to relax and have a lot of pleasant experiences. It is a real Greek Olympus for lovers of luxury. Only now, instead of the ancient gods and goddesses, world celebrities, representatives of music and cinema, sports, etc., gather here. Mykonos can be safely called the island of youth, where vacation never stops. 

Did you know that there are such stars as Sophia Loren and Madonna, Nicolas Cage, Russell Crowe and Michael Jordan among the regular guests of the island?

Today, this Greek island needs absolutely no publicity. The island is an amazing combination of pristine natural beauty and the high life of the Mediterranean. 


The climate of Mykonos is practically no different from what prevails on other islands of the Aegean Sea. The weather in this region is subject to strong northeast and north winds. 

But in winter, the weather of Mykonos will clearly please you – you don’t feel the cold, and the absence of fog allows you to admire the local beauties. It is almost impossible to see snow here, so those wishing to celebrate the New Year will not be able to build a snowman. 

Top reasons to rent a villa in Mykonos 


Perhaps this is how you can designate the main advantage of relaxing in a villa over a hotel. When booking a villa, you get at your disposal spacious rooms, a living room, your own kitchen, as well as a private plot with a garden and a beautifully trimmed lawn, a private pool, outdoor seating areas equipped with comfortable furniture, and your own sun loungers if the house is located on the beach. 

Escape from the hustle and bustle

Our everyday life is an explosive cocktail of a million thoughts, worries about loved ones, work tasks and deadlines. That is why it is becoming more and more popular among residents of large cities to rent houses by the sea or even in the mountains for a short time, where you can wake up from the chirping of birds and fall asleep, barely touching the pillow with your head, breathing in the full fresh air. 

Feel like an aborigine 

To be honest, a vacation in a hotel takes us far and hopelessly from the opportunity to get to know the country of temporary residence. But living in Mykonos villas, you will discover the island from a new side, where friendly locals, cozy private restaurants, cute souvenir shops, wild deserted beaches, amazing landscapes, and a lot of new and pleasant experiences are waiting for you. 


The island of Mykonos, which holds many secrets from the time of the ancient Greek kings, will make your vacation unforgettable. The island has hundreds of villas of different tastes and colors, which, in turn, will provide you with the opportunity to get closer to nature and forget about the bustle of the city for at least a few weeks. 

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